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Blade-Tech Looper Belt Series

Blade-Tech Looper Belt Series
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The Looper Belts Series is a U.S. made, Kydex® reinforced premium cow hide leather belts. Blade-Tech has made a name for itself by making some of the best thermoformed plastic holsters available on the market today. The same high quality material that is used in many of their holsters gives the Looper Belt Series its structure and vertical rigidity. These 1.5" wide belts are made not to flex or breakdown under the weight of a weapon worn for concealment or competition. The seemingly casual looking design of the belt helps with overall concealment of a carry weapon. The Looper Belt Series of quality belts by Blade-Tech are lightweight and are produced in such a way as to eliminate stretching for the life of the belt. These belts will have their exterior leather dyed in such a way as to help prevent surface discoloration that can occur from frequent wearing of a holster.

Belts are sized in actual inches around your waist and then we add length into the belt to accommodate an Inside the Waist Band holster.( DO NOT GO BY THE SIZE OF YOUR PANTS) If you measure around your waist (without a holster or another belt on) with a tape measure and you get 38 inches, then you would order a size 38 belt to accommodate an IWB or belt holster.


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